Gold Medal Committee (2019)

The IUGG President appoints the Gold Medal Committee with an approval of the IUGG Bureau. The Committee consists of nine members including one member from each of the IUGG Associations and IUGG Secretary-General (ex-officio).
The Gold Medal Committee will consider the nominations and will give a preliminary conclusion on the conformity of the nominee to the established criteria. If needed, the Committee proposes three independent reviewers (leading scientists), who considerably contributed in the disciplines directly connected with the nominee’s activity. The Committee’s Chair addresses the proposed experts with a request to review the nomination and to provide his/her opinion on the nominees.
Based on the comments of the independent reviewers, on the nomination and supporting letters, the Committee’s members (quorum of 2/3 from the general number of members) make a final recommendation (by simple majority of voices) upon each of the nominees. In the case of several recommendations for the Medal, the Committee should rank the selected people. The Committee’s Chair sends the list of the recommended persons to the IUGG Secretary General.
The IUGG Bureau makes the final decision on the IUGG Gold Medal Awardee.
The Gold Medal is bestowed to one individual every four years and is presented at IUGG General Assemblies.
Chair: Brian Hoskins UK
Members: Jeffrey Freymueller
Brian Hoskins
Valerie Masson-Delmotte
Trevor McDougall
Inez Staciarini Batista
Roberto Sulpizio
Zhongliang Wu
Alik Ismail-Zadeh (ex-officio)