Early Career Scientist Award Committee (2023)

Chair: Katrin Schröder IAPSO ITALY
Members: Keith Alverson IAMAS JAPAN
Marie Dumont IACS FRANCE
Julia Eychenne IAVCEI FRANCE
Michelle Grobbelaar IASPEI SOUTH AFRICA
Paola Passalacqua IAHS USA
Prasanta Patro IAGA INDIA
Thorsten Wagener, ex-officio IUGG GERMANY

The IUGG Early Career Scientist Award Committee is appointed by the IUGG President with an approval of the IUGG Bureau. The Committee consists of nine members including one member from each of the IUGG Associations and the Chair of the IUGG Capacity Building and Education Committee (ex-officio).

The IUGG Early Career Scientist Award Committee will consider the nominations and will give a preliminary conclusion on the conformity of the nominees to the established criteria. If needed, the Committee proposes independent reviewers (leading scientists) to review the nominations. The Committee’s Chair addresses the proposed experts with a request to review the nominations and to provide his/her opinion on the nominees.

Based on the comments of the independent reviewers, on the nomination and supporting letters, the Committee’s members make final recommendation (by simple majority of voices) upon each of the nominees. The Committee ranks the selected people based on their scientific excellence and contribution to international cooperation in Earth and space sciences. The Committee’s Chair sends the list of the ranked recommended persons to the IUGG Secretary General.

The IUGG Bureau makes the final decision on the IUGG Early Career Scientist Awardees.