Events Calendar

The following list of meetings is collected as a general service to IUGG constituents.  More complete listings of meetings on the specific scientific disciplines of the IUGG Associations can be found on their Web sites. Links to those Web sites are on the IUGG main page.

2021August 1-6AOGS Singapore AOGS 18th Annual MeetingWeb:
2021August 2-6IAHS Moscow, Russia International Conference on the Status and Future of the World’s Large RiversWeb:
2021August 2-6IAMAS Pune, India International Conference on Clouds and PrecipitationWeb:
2021August 14-22IUCr Prague, Czech Republic 25th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of CrystallographyWeb:
2021August 15-20IAMAS Brisbane, Australia 21st International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric AerosolsWeb:
2021August 16-20IAGA Online 5th IAGA SchoolWeb:
2021August 16-20IASPEI Online IASPEI SchoolWeb:
2021August 16-20IGU Istanbul, Turkey 34th International Geographical CongressWeb:
2021August 16-21IUGS New Delhi, India 36th International Geological CongressWeb:
2021August 16-27IAU Busan, Rep. of Korea 31st International Astronomical Union General AssemblyWeb:
2021August 21-27IAGA, IASPEI Online and Hyderabad, India IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly and 13th General Assembly of the Asian Seismological Commission (ASC)Web:
2021August 22-27IAGA, IASPEI Hyderabad, India IAGA-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly Web:
2021August 22-27IUTAM Milan, Italy 25th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied MechanicsWeb:
2021August 28 - September 4URSI Rome, Italy 23rd URSI General Assembly and Scientific SymposiumWeb:
2021SeptemberAGU Flagstaff AZ, USA Chapman on Distributed Volcanism and Distributed Volcanic HazardsWeb:
2021SeptemberIAG Berlin, Germany Space Geodesy and Ionosphere Research (SGI 2021) WorkshopNot available yet
2021SeptemberIASPEI Cargése (Corsica), France 3rd International School on Earthquakes: Nucleation, Triggering, and Relationship With Aseismic ProcessesWeb:
2021September 6-10IASPEI Kasane, Botswana 3rd General Assembly of the African Seismological CommissionNot available yet
2021September 13-17IUGG Potsdam/Berlin, Germany IUGG Business Meetings 2021Not available yet
2021September 14-16IAG Perugia, Italy The 6th satellite soil moisture validation and application workshopWeb:
2021September 14-18IAMAS Manchester, UK International Global Atmospheric Chemistry ConferenceWeb:
2021September 16-17IAHS Valencia, Spain STAHY 2021Web:
2021September 19-24IASPEI Online and Athens, Greece 37th General Assembly of the European Seismological CommissionNot available yet
2021September 27 - October 1IACS, IAHS, WMO, UNESCO-IHP Reykjavik, Iceland Cryosphere 2021 – Symposium on Ice, Snow and Water in a Warming World Web:
2021September 27 - October 1IAG Boulder CO, USA IGS Workshop 2021: Science from Earth to SpaceWeb:
2021October 3-9IAMAS Seoul, Rep. of Korea Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2021Web:
2021October 11-15ISC Online 2nd General Assembly of the International Science CouncilWeb:
2021October 20-22IUPAP Beijing, China 30th General Assembly of the International Union of Pure and Applied PhysicsNot available yet
2021October 25-29IAG, IASPEI Marrakech, Morocco 20th General Assembly of WEGENER (World Earthquake GEodesy Network for Environmental Hazard Research)Web:
2021NovemberIAG Lima, Peru Reference Frames in Practice SeminarNot available yet
2021November 1-4ISPRS Beijing, China Gi4DM 2021 & Urban Geoinformatics 2021Web:
2021November 2-6WLF Kyoto, Japan 5th World Landslide ForumWeb:
2021November 8-11CODATA, WDS Seoul, Rep. of Korea International Data Week 2021Web:
2021November 16-18IAHS Cotonou, Benin Hydrology of the Major African BasinsWeb:
2021December 13-17AGU New Orleans LA, USA AGU Fall Meeting 2021Web:
2021December 14-18ICA Florence, Italy 30th International Cartographic ConferenceWeb:
2022January 20-24IAVCEI Rotorua, New Zealand IAVCEI Scientific AssemblyWeb:
2022May 30 - June 3IAHS Montpellier, France IAHS Scientific AssemblyWeb: