Visioning Committee

The Visioning Committee develops and reviews an IUGG strategic plan, to shape future activities of the Union, and recommends improvements of existing Union activities and structures.

In particular, its role and responsibilities are:
  • To develop IUGG strategic plans based on inputs from Union Associations and National Members.
  • To manage a visioning process and to prepare periodic reports on the vision plan with placing a particular emphasis to (i) grant challenges in geophysics and geodesy, (ii) involvements of young scientists and women in the Union activity, and (iii) relationship with external organizations, media and industry.
  • To prepare and revise IUGG major statements (e.g. vision, mission, goals, objectives, values etc.) and IUGG special statements on the scientific topics related to society (e.g. natural hazards, climate change, geoscience & geotechnology, etc).
  • To study the ways in which IUGG operates and formulate ideas on improvement of IUGG activities and structures and on new ways of operations.
  • To examine (i) how IUGG science interacts with other geoscience disciplines, (ii) how IUGG science is relevant to societal needs, (iii) how to present IUGG to the rest of the world; and (iv) how IUGG can be involved in a decision-making process without losing its scientific rigor.
Chair: Alexander Rudloff GERMANY
Members: Domenico Giardini
Franz Kuglitsch
Andrew Mackintosh
Mioara Mandea
Johanna Salminen