Capacity Building and Education Committee

The Capacity Building and Education Committee promotes the science education program of the Union, develops international cooperation in science education, and manages the IUGG science education grants program.

In particular, its role and responsibilities are:
  • To develop and to be in charge of the science education policy of the Union.
  • To examine current issues in science education and research on learning and disseminate knowledge about it.
  • To assist the Union officers in defining new fellowships and grants programs.
  • To advocate, in partnership with other ICSU Unions and geophysical societies, for increased teaching of the geosciences in classrooms worldwide.
  • To be responsible for cooperation and exchange (via workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences) and collaborative programs and interdisciplinary projects (especially in the developing world) and for technology transfer issues.
Chair: Thorsten Wagener UK
Members: Nasser Abou-Ashour
Moira Evelina Doyle
Teodoro Georgiadis
Bernard Heck
Gerhard Navratil
Rrapo Ormeni
Feng Tian