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10th VERSIM Workshop

For our 10th VERSIM Workshop we go back to our roots!

The next workshop will be held in Sodankyla, Finland in 2022. We also plan to have a school before the main workshop with tutorial lectures to familiarize younger scientists with the VERSIM topics.

We look forward to seeing everyone, in person hopefully, in 2 years time!

Past Meetings

9th VERSIM Workshop, Online, Kyoto, Japan

November 2020

The 9th VERSIM workshop took place during a particular time in everyone's lives. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to change our format to an entirely online meeting and shift the meeting to November 2020 instead of the original date of March. However, even through these difficult times and different time zones, we not only had great invited talks but also the largest attendance of any previous workshop reaching more than 100 listeners during online oral and poster presentations. The presentations are still available for review until the end of 2021 to all the participants at the meeting website.

The workshop was supported by IAGA, URSI, SGEPSS, ISEE (Nagoya U.), Kyoto University and of course the organisers at RISH (Kyoto U.). In addition to all traditional VERSIM topics, results of recent space missions such as Arase, MMS and Van Allen Probes were presented.

All information directly related to The 9th VERSIM workshop is available online.

8th VERSIM Workshop, Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia

March 2018

The 8th VERSIM workshop was hosted on March 2018 by The Polar Geophysical Institute (PGI) located in above the Arctic circle in the city of Apatity, Russia. The workshop was supported by SCOSTEP/VarSITI, IAGA and URSI. Our conference program focused on all traditional VERSIM topics, such as sptires and effects of lightning in the ionosphere, wave-particle and wave-wave interactions, wave genereation in the magnetosphere, with additional radiation-belt themed reports after their succesful integration into the 7th VERSIM meeting.

This meeting was also marked by our first 'Happy Bus', organized by our colleagues at the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory. A group of 15 brave scientists from several countries travelled through the Salla border post by land from Finland and into Russia.

All information directly related to The 8th VERSIM workshop is available online.

6th VERSIM workshop

7th VERSIM Workshop, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa

September 2016

The 7th VERSIM workshop was hosted on September 2016 by The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. The workshop was supported by IAGA, URSI and VarSITI. This time a Radiation Belt session was added to the programme, recognizing the strong synergy between radiation belt and VERSIM science. The main subjects focused on near-Earth dynamics as a function of space, time, and energy; wave-particle processes; and interactions among different inner magnetosphere particle populations. The 6th VERSIM Abstracts are available for download online. 6th VERSIM workshop

6th VERSIM Workshop, Dunedin, New Zealand

January 2014

The 6th VERSIM workshop took place in January 2014 at the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand), organized by the Space Physics Group of the Department of Physics, and supported by IAGA, URSI and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development. This was a chance for the VERSIM IAGA/URSI joint working group to meet and discuss current issues, developments, and techniques. The 6th VERSIM Abstract and Programme Book is available online. The workshop attracted 35 participants from 14 countries, with 58 abstracts.

During the 6th VERSIM Workshop there was a VERSIM business meeting on the last day (Thurdsay 23 January 2014). The minutes for this meeting are available from our website.

6th VERSIM workshop