This quadrennial report is the first report in the new millennium, which is one of the China National Reports (1998-2002), prepared by the Chinese National Committee for IAPSO for IUGG 2003, the XXIIIrd General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics to be held in Sapporo, Japan from June 30 to July 11, 2003.

This report can be divided into two parts. The first part consists of the following 7 papers, i.e. Advances in the Studies on the Yellow Sea Dynamical Process, Circulations in the East China Sea and Its Adjacent Ocean, Progress in Studies on the Circulation and Regional Air-sea Interaction In the South China Sea during 1998-2002, Research into the Western Boundary Currents of the Pacific Ocean in China (1998-2002), Air-sea Interaction Studies in China, Advances in Studies on Water Masses, Circulation and Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean, and Advances in the Research of Marine Disaster Forecast. These 7 papers review the main work done and the major progress made in the principal fields of physical oceanography in Mainland China. The second part covers such 3 papers as Progress in Marine Sediment Dynamics and Related Research Fields in Mainland China, Advancement in Marine Biogeochemistry Studies in China, and Progress on Biogeochemical Processes of Marine Carbon Cycles in China (1998-2002). They represent a new trend that the physical sciences of the ocean are becoming multi-disciplinary sciences, although researches into sediment dynamics, ecosystem dynamics and biogeochemistry of the ocean are still at their initial stage in China. It should be noted that this report only provides an overview of the subjects mentioned in the above papers, but it does show encouraging progress in physical sciences of the oceans in Mainland China over the past four years. It is pleasant to see the fact that most of papers in this report have been written by the younger scientists, which shows that the younger generation of marine scientists in China has grown up.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Chinese National Committee for IAPSO, to express my deep appreciation to Prof. ZHAO Jingping, Secretary General of the Chinese National Committee for IAPSO, who made a great contribution to organizing the writing group for this report and editing the report and to Ms. GAO Jun, who carefully corrected mistakes she found in texts and references of these papers. Finally, the editing of this report was partly supported by the project ¡°Nonlinear Ocean Dynamics¡±, which belongs to the Bairen Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences through grant No. L1801011.


LE Kentang
Chairman of Chinese National Committee for IAPSO