This national report is one of the series of China National Report on meteorology and atmospheric sciences, which is published regularly every four years. This report is devoted to the major advances and achievements in meteorology and atmospheric sciences in China mainly from 1999 to 2002. It consists of 22 papers that fall into four categories as follows:

กค Global change, including climate change in China and human activity.
กค Climate, including

(1) Multi-sphere interaction and nonlinearity, involving South China Sea Monsoon Experiment (SCSMEX), middle and upper atmosphere, effects of the Tibetan Plateau on climate, large-scale air-sea interaction, subtropical anticyclone, land surface process and nonlinear atmospheric dynamics.

(2) Climate variability, containing interdecadal climate variation in China, interaction between Asian monsoon cycle and ENSO cycle.

(3) Climate predictability and model development, containing predictability study, extra-seasonal to annual climate prediction, and global coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation model.

กค Meteorology, including numerical weather prediction, satellite meteorology, atmospheric remote sensing, and marine meteorology.
กค Meso- and micro-scale meteorology, including mesoscale meteorology, tropical cyclone and tropical meteorology, and cloud and precipitation physics and weather modification.

Due to some reasons, however, other areas such as atmospheric chemistry, water cycle, and etc. have not been included in this report, although some progresses have also made in these fields. Through the publication of this report, nevertheless, we hope that our foreign colleagues may understand what we have made, what we have been studying and what we are going to do in China. Thereby the potential international cooperation between domestic and overseas scientists may be explored and improved. Meanwhile, any comments or suggestions to our studies are welcome. We believe that your helpful suggestions will help us to improve our studies and make them better in the future.

Chinese National Committee for IAMAS
WU Guoxiong, Chairman
ZHENG Guoguang, Vice-Chairman
LI Jianping, Secretary-General