IUGG Administration

IUGG Governance IUGG Governance


IUGG's affairs are directed by the IUGG Council governed by the Statutes and By-laws of the Union. The Council is composed of one credentialed delegate from each Adhering Body. The Council meets during the IUGG General Assembly and elects the IUGG Bureau and the IUGG Finance Committee.

Bureau of the Union

The IUGG Bureau handles administrative affairs between Council meetings. It is elected by the Council and consists of seven members - four officers (President, President-Elect, Secretary General, and Treasurer) and three members at large. Bureau members must represent countries with dues paid in full.

Executive Committee

The IUGG Executive Committee works to further the scientific objectives of the Union and International Associations by effective co-ordination and formulation of general policies. It consists of the IUGG Bureau, the IUGG Immediate Past President, and the Presidents of the International Associations.

Finance Committee

The IUGG Finance Committee interacts with the IUGG Treasurer regarding budgetary matters. It consists of persons elected by the IUGG Council. The members of the Finance Committee are not members of the IUGG Bureau or the IUGG Executive Committee.

Guidelines on IUGG Administration

This document consolidates the current administrative practices of the Union as mandated by the Statutes and By-Laws and as interpreted by IUGG Officers, the Bureau, and the Executive Committee. The Guidelines can be downloaded here.