Mathematical Geophysics (CMG)

The Commission on Mathematical Geophysics is a Union Commission of IUGG. Its aims to encourage exchange of ideas and information in all areas of geophysics, with emphasis on the application of mathematics, statistics and computer science to geophysical problems, and to promote the development and application of mathematical methods and appropriate theoretical techniques for the solution of problems across the complete spectrum of geophysical disciplines. The Committee is sponsored by all IUGG Associations.

The earliest incarnation of the present CMG Committee was as the Working Group on Geophysical Theory and Computers (WGGTC), which was founded by Vladimir Keilis-Borok. The first meeting of the WGGTC was held in Moscow and Leningrad in 1964 and the last in Moscow in 1971 with intervening meetings held once yearly. Subsequent to 1971 the group was re-structured as the present Committee on Mathematical Geophysics, which has met on a semi-annual basis since that time, beginning with a meeting in Banff (Canada) in 1972.

The schedule since 1986 has included the following sequence of major CMG sponsored conferences: Oosterbeek (The Netherlands, 1986), Blanes (Spain, 1988), Jerusalem (Israel, 1990), Taxco (Mexico, 1992), Villefranche (France, 1994), Santa Fe (USA, 1996), Cambridge (UK, 1998), Villefranche sur Mer (France, 2000), Torino (Italy, 2002), New York (USA, 2004), Sea of Galilee (Israel, 2006), Svalbard (Norway, 2008), Pisa (Italy, 2010), Edinburgh (UK, 2012), Merida (Mexico, 2014), Paris (France, 2016), and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia, 2018).

The following are current officers of the Union Commission on Mathematical Geophysics:

Chair: Alik Ismail-Zadeh (Germany/Russia)
Secretary: Ilya Zaliapin (USA)